CNC Horizontal Boring

CNC Horizontal Boring

Ufone have two very strong and accurate CNC Horizontal Boring machines, which are able to hold a workpiece of up to 5 tons. They are both our horizontal boring mills are fitted with hydrostatic lubrication to all slideways to ensure that there is minimal or no wear and are ideally suited to machining gearboxes, valve bodies, fabrications and have also been used for very large locomotive parts. Our CNC Horizontal Boring Services are complemented by our group companies Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd who have 4 off Cnc Horizontal Jig Borers , Askey Precision Engineering Ltd who have one Jig Borer and One Cnc Horizontal Boring Machine and Machined Fabrications Ltd who have one Union Horizontal Borer and 3 off  CNC Horizontal Boring Machines.

The Group also includes Machined Fabrications LtdAskey Precision Engineering & Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd as well as Ufone Precision Engineers Ltd

For a full comprehensive list of our available CNC Horizontal Boring Services view our group sites. 

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CNC Horizontal Boring